How do I get started?

Read all the information on this website. It will answer a lot of your questions.

Call or email with the following information: Name, location, pet(s), service requested, days you need walks. The most important thing is your location, so please don’t forget this. Cross streets are best.

If I offer what you are looking for, we will set up a time to meet. This meeting is free of charge. Your dog could be heading out for her first walk the very next day!

You will fill out some paperwork and sign a contract. We’ll have a chat about your dog, and all get to know each other a bit.

My dog is not well socialized. Can he go out in with a group?

Maybe. If your dog is not aggressive, but more on the shy side, he could benefit greatly from going out with a group, and being regularly exposed to other dogs. A few test walks plus lots of communication would be required.

How do you operate?

As of now, this is “one woman show”. I’ll be the one walking your dog, except when I’m on vacation, then another walker takes over for me. This is a legitimate business, a full time job, with big dose of dog passion.

Dogs will be transported to and from the park in a well ventilated car, (I can leave the A/C on and lock my car), and pick ups and drop offs will be done as quickly as possible. Walk time starts when we arrive at the park. Once there, dogs who are allowed off leash will run, play, chase the ball etc. On leash dogs will by no means be standing still, as the pack will keep moving. On very hot days, we will of course slow down for the safety and comfort of the dogs. After the walk, all dogs will have a chance to drink some water. On rainy days, we’ll allow some extra time for towel drying, but please understand that it will not be possible to return your dog squeaky clean.

What happens if you are sick or injured?

99% of the time I work anyway. If I really cannot, I will contact everyone as soon as I can, and you will need to find a solution for your dog. My contract allows for me to find a substitute, but in reality this is unlikely to work out on short notice. I’ve worked with multiple illnesses and injuries, including a broken finger, broken toe, cracked rib, twisted ankle… So if I can’t come it’s really bad, otherwise I’m there for your dog. My last sick day was in March of 2014.

How long are the walks and where do you go? 

Walks are 50 mins to 1 hour; 45 mins when it’s raining. About 90% of the time they’re 1 hour. We usually go to Bernal Hill, sometimes to McLaren, Douglass dog run, St Mary’s dog run, or Corona Heights.


Instructions will be followed regarding the return routine of your dog, such as if you want your dog in or out of the crate, be given a kong etc.

Communication is very important, and you are encouraged to share any news or concerns, or ask questions.